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Transfer the Pain

A married couple went to the hospital to have their first baby. While there, a new doctor told them he’d invented a machine which could transfer the mother’s labor pains to the father. The husband thought this was a terrific idea. (Talk about dumb!)

The doctor set the machine at ten percent, explaining that even ten percent was too much for most men. But the husband felt just fine. So, the doctor turned it up to twenty per cent. Still nothing. Amazed and with some trepidation, the doctor turned the machine up a notch, to fifty percent. But the husband continued to feel just fine. Wanting to help his wife, however, who was writhing in pain, he told the doctor to transfer all the pain to him.

In the end, the wife delivered a healthy baby, and the husband suffered no pain at all.

When they arrived home the next day, they found the mailman dead on the front porch.


4 Responses to “Transfer the Pain”

  1. quas Says:

    tooooo funny

  2. Ridiculous? Says:

    Errr. This joke makes no sense, how could a mailman receive the pain all the way from the front porch to the hospital?

  3. dumbbbb Says:

    Cuz he’s the real father dork..

  4. HPR Says:


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