Short Funny Jokes

Three Lunatics

If they can proof they are healthy they can go home . The 3 lunatics are in a room with a doctor . The doctor say : You all 3 see that door over there .
If you can get outside through the door without touching it with your hands , you can go home

1 idiot : I’m going to get outside by jumping through the Key whole , he Runs , jumps and BAF, he jumps against the door

2 idiot : I can do better , so he goes a little bit farther , Runs even faster , jumps and BAF again against the door

3 idiot : I’m the best doctor , i’m going to get out without touching it with my hands, He walks to the end of the room , Runs like he never ran before but at the last second he DOESN’T jump .

Doctor : Alright , why did you stop .
Idiot : I did not stop , i can’t jump through the key whole , the key is in the hole at the other side

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