Short Funny Jokes

Just One Good Deed

A man is standing at the pearly gates when St. Peter addresses him: “All you need to have done is one good deed, and we will allow you passage into Heaven.”

The man says: “No problem. I was stopped at an intersection once and saw a motorcycle gang harassing a young woman. I got out of my car, walked up to one of the bikers — who was over 7 feet tall and must have weighed nearly 300 lbs. — and I told the biker that abusing and harassing a woman is a cowardly act and that I would not tolerate it. I then reached up, yanked out his nose ring and kicked him in the balls to make a point.”

St. Peter is amazed and starts searching the man’s life in his book in front of him and says: “I can’t find that incident anywhere in your file. When did that happen?”

The man looks down at his watch and says: “Oh, about five minutes ago.”


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