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How do you die of happiness

Two guys, John and Norm, were standing at the gates
of heaven, waiting to get in. Norm turns to John and
asks, “What did you do to get here?”
John says, “I froze to death. What about you?”
“I died of happiness.” Norm replies.
“How do you die of happiness?” asks John. “Well, I’ll
tell ya,” says Norm. “I came home from work the other
day and found that the house had been cleaned from
top to bottom. I know my wife never cleans for me so
I thought: ‘She must be having an affair.’ I searched
the house from upstairs to the basement and couldn’t
find anyone. I didn’t think anything more about it.
Well yesterday, I came home and found a huge bouquet
of roses on the table and I knew I hadn’t gotten them
for my wife so she must be having an affair. Again I
searched the house from top to bottom and couldn’t
find anything. Today I came home and found a big
dinner cooked and waiting on the table. My wife never
cooks anything for me. I figured she must be having
an affair but I couldn’t find any evidence of it
after searching the house again and was sure I was
wrong about her. I was so overcome with happiness that
I died on the spot.”
John looked at Norm and said: “You IDIOT!!! If you
had just looked in the freezer, we would both be alive!”


3 Responses to “How do you die of happiness”

  1. marque Says:

    ok i dont get that

  2. addict Says:

    i think norm’s wife is a psycho. had an affair with john and killed him by freezing him in the fridge.

    norm searched the house but not inside the freezer.. but this joke…not so funny. ;P

  3. Fay Says:

    Ok I’ll help you marque. the man died from happiness because he did find any evidence that his wife was cheatting on him. PLEASE! I’m gona need you to FOCUS NOW! would’nt you be happy also if you thought your wife was sheatting but you found no evidence of that. Stay with me now!

    both men John and Norm from the joke were dead. when John asked Norm basically, how did you die? Norm replied, “I Died of Happiness”. He thought his wife was cheatting on him, but through his dilligent search of the house from top to bottom he found not one bit of evidence to prove him wrong, NO,NO..Stay with me now! & Focus!…

    Listen..Now! that was before he died, when he died..He met the man John that was having an afair with his wife. You Get IT? Norm did not check inside his Freezer when he searched the whole house. Ok! the light must be comming on now Right?…Stay with me..

    Poor Norm found evidence only after he died, if he had only checked inside the freezer he would have been very upset yes, but he but he would not have died from being happy. come on I really do need you to Focus now…

    About John.. well John would not have frozen to death in Norm”s freezer if Norm would have looked inside it when he was searching his house. thats why John said maybe both of us would still be alive. sometimes it takes a little longer to expain some jokes but i really do want you to get it, it is rally funny when you get it. Get It-

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