Short Funny Jokes

3 Shots

An Irish guy goes into a bar in America and asks for three separate shots of Whiskey. He drinks one, waits a little bit, then drinks the second one, waits a little bit more, and then drinks the third one. This goes on for a few days, and finally the bartender tells him: “You know sir, I can put all three shots in one glass for you”.
The guy replies “No, I prefer it this way. You see, I’m very close to my two brothers. They are both still in Ireland, and this represents a drink for each of us. When I drink like this, I feel like we are drinking together again, all three of us”.

This goes on for several months, and then one day the guy walks into the pub and asks for only two shots.
The bartender is worried that maybe something happened to one of his brothers.
“Is everythink OK”? he asks.
“What do you mean”, answers the guy.
“Well, for months you have been asking for three shots. now you order two. Did something happen to one of your brothers?”, the bartender asks.
“No”, replies the Irish guy, “Theyr’e fine. It’s just that I quit drinking”.


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